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Sideboard #76

A fine and rare Hepplewhite mahogany inlaid serpentine-front sideboard with matching knife boxes, labeled by William Whitehead.This would be one of the supreme American sideboards without the documentation but as a labeled example, it is priceless. The exquisite proportions, the inlaid patterns which blend into the design, the original finish and brasses, and the rare companion d'oeuvre. The canted center legs serve to allow an uninterrupted flow of the ends with the bowed recessed cupboard, which in turn serves to lighten the weight of the bowed row of drawers above. New York, circa 1780-1800.

Height 40", high,  width 72"  wide

Photo Credit: Photograph: Israel Sack, Inc. The New Fine Points of Furniture - Early American - Albert Sack